DxO ViewPoint Giveaway

DxO ViewPoint easily restores the natural shapes of the subjects located at the edges of your images and fixes skewed perspectives so that your photos regain their proper look.

DxO ViewPoint Giveaway

It offers simple visual tools for spectacular geometrical corrections along with advanced controls for unrivaled precision. DxO ViewPoint automatically corrects stretched-out faces or distorted body shapes that can occur when you shoot with a wide-angle lens. DxO ViewPoint’s explicit tool icons make it easy to identify all the features and functions of the software.

DxO ViewPoint Giveaway

Download DxO ViewPoint [Windows]

Download DxO ViewPoint [Mac]

Giveaway page

To get your registration key, visit the giveaway page, fill out the form, and follow on-screen instructions, you will be emailed your registration information.

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